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2023 Lambs For Sale

Our 2023 Icelandic lambs will be born in April and May. We are anticipating a fantastic group of lambs this Spring. We are looking forward to lambs from 5  sires, adding two new horned bloodlines to our flock, Breki and Tvistur, our two polled two year old AI some of Dulli and Krapi, and our handsome horned black single gene grey mouflon, “Ziggy”. Our lambs are raised here with their mothers and are not ready to leave for new farms until late summer or fall. We take our time, watching how the lambs are growing, how the mothers are doing with the lambs and evaluate them all for health, conformation, parasite tolerance, temperament and fleece quality.  Our lambs for sale will be  posted here in June. In the meantime, follow our lambing season on our 2023 lambing Journal