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About Frelsi Farm Icelandic Sheep

Frelsi Farm Icelandics

Frelsi Farm has been raising Icelandic Sheep since 1996. Our first sheep came to us from Stefania Sveinbjarnarsdottir, Susan Mongold, and Barbara Webb. Thanks to those three remarkable women our flock and the North American flock of Icelandic sheep continue to thrive and flourish today.

Frelsi Farm Icelandics

Our first lambing was 28 years ago: a fine group of 14 lambs. Our flock grew and improved over the years; the most significant improvements came when we were able to import semen from the top rams in Iceland. The next most significant development was the introduction of a non-invasive AI (artificial insemination) VAI technique from Iceland, making it possible for us to add these fine genetics and be able to do the procedure here ourselves, in a far more natural manner. There have now been over 1000 lambs born here, and the improvements in the sheep have been significant and reproducible. We are proud to offer as always, ” Only the finest…Frelsi Farm”.

New to keeping sheep? We have an entire information center including sheep health, buying your first flock, lambing, and wool handling.

Frelsi Farm Hall of Fame

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