Waiting …still waiting, and the tale of the hoses

There has been that lull in the lambing season that was expected, and yet seems to very long! It has not been uneventful here on the farm since that last lamb that I told you about. I have unintentionally flooded the barn! Turned on the water to the water tank, and heard the delivery truck coming up the driveway…of course there were all the dogs out there, the young and the very old and very deaf. Running out to move the old guy, and the puppy neither of whom have a clue about vehicles, the running water was completely forgotten.With the truck unloaded, and dogs herded to safety, I was off to attend to the business of the day.

Six hours later, returning to do barn check and feed the mothers and mothers- to -be, the scene was not what I had expected. 8 inches of standing water in 1/3 of the barn, and another significant area soggy! We had not planned to clean the barn until after lambing, it was in good shape and adding some new bedding would make a cozy place for the remainder of  lambing season.

This was Wednesday, it was raining, everything was wet and muddy.  And, the barn was just too soupy to even try to clean, we needed to wait for the water to sink in…glad the floor is dirt! The ewes were herded into the dryest  area, so they would not be knee deep , or even ankle deep in water and muck. They were crowded but on dry ground.

Thursday , still raining but the forecast is for a sunny dry weekend. Waters receding some and just wet and very mucky and ankle deep slop.

Friday, still showers  but the floor is improving and the weather forecast promising . Took all the extra stuff out of the barn, the feeders, the extra panels and gates, the jug pens dismantled, the buckets and brooms and rakes and pitch forks, extra sheets of plywood, water tank, hoses. all outside ready for the tractor to be able to remove the bedding pack.

Saturday, sunny warm dry with a light breeze. Sheep moved out side to a paddock with sufficiently dry ground for a couple days and nights. The trouble with that area is the steep incline to get there and back, and the big wide  sheep that are trying to maneuver it with out incident. And, they are thinking they can graze there….wrong, no grass yet.

Tractor moving the bedding to a not too muddy area, all is well….the a hydraulic hose on the bucket ruptures! Of course it is Saturday afternoon… Grateful for the weather, predicted to last through Monday. Grateful for the hydraulic hose repair place that opens at 7:30 on Monday morning.

The good hose incident is the puppy finding the joys of water magically issuing from that mysterious tube…

Monday, hose repaired, barn cleaned, pens all reassembled, feeders in place, jugs rebuilt for lambing, sheep all back in their areas, moms-to -be, moms and babies, unbred ewes, and the dairy goats and kids. (yes, there are two sets of twins). A lovely sunset…and still waiting for lambs.