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 2021 Breeding Rams For Sale

2o21 Yearling Rams for Sale

FRELSI RAM B3SP 1003 [USA]1631

This handsome polled fellow is the son of one of our best ewes, “Begonia”. She is a big girl with gorgeous fleece, and produces lovely fast growing lambs. He is well muscled and has a great temperament.


Sire : FRELSI RAM M5P 885C [USA]1631

FRELSI RAM B2P 1005H [USA]1633

Unusual gray coloring for heterozygous gray sheep. Triplet polled Icelandic yearling ram  carrying solid pattern and moorit color with wonderful temperament and beautful fleece.

Dam : WPW EWE 01P 87D [USA]1161

Sire : FRELSI RAM M5P 885C [USA] 1096

FRELSI RAM M5H 1020H USA[1614]

This solid moorit proven yearling has a fine temperament,easy to handle  good conformation and dark cinnamon colored fleece. He is a twin from one of our favorite family lines. He has horns that may be a bit close to his face, though not touching at this point in time. I would suggest he be bred to ewes with a wide horn set. Will update photo as he matures.

        Adult Rams for Sale
photo soon FRELSI RAM O1P 972F [USA]64

Big friendly handsome proven breeding ram. Many beautiful offspring. Carries black and solid pattern.

Dam : FRELSI EWE O1P 920D [CAN]725949

Sire : WPW RAM B5P 73D [USA]1160

photo soon FRELSI RAM O1P 980G [USA]657

Our best ram lamb from 2019. SOn of our beloved Peggy Sue. He sired lovely lambs for us. strong conformation and beautiful wool.

Dam : FRELSI EWE B3P 915D CAN 725945

Sire : FRELSI RAM O1P 953F [USA] 39