Frelsi Farm Icelandics
The List: Supplies for Lambing


Laura Lawson’s Book, Managing your Ewe: online or Frelsi Farm often has a few.

Digital Rectal Thermometer-must have: baby thermometer available at any pharmacy

Scissors to cut cord: small and sharp 

Iodine for naval 7% or “gentle ” iodine: feed store or pharmacy

“Iodine Naval cup”, “Naval Dipper” yogurt cup: feed store, online or just a small jar

Clean old towels: ask friends and family for old towels 

Baby Lamb Strength or NutriDrench: Baby lamb Strength from Pipestone vet supply (my favorite)

Colostrum or Colostrx or Kid ‘n Lamb Kolostral: or your own frozen supply is best

Lamb Milk replacer: feed store (make sure it is for lambs)

Emery board or small nail pumice stone: pharmacy (for sharp lamb teeth)

Feeding tubes: online, Pipestone, PBS animal health, feedstore

Catheter tip syringes 20 cc & 60cc: Pipestone, PBS, other online vet supply, pharmacy

Pritchard Teat nipples (these need to be cut, they have no opening when new) or other lamb nipple: Feed store or online (fits soda but not water bottles)

Soda bottle or other bottle that fits nipple: grocery or friend (Coke bottles work very well)

Scale (handy but not necessary): vet supply online 

Lamb sling for weighing in hanging scale: online, Pipestone, PBS animal health, feedstore

Obstetric Lubricant “superlube” or J-Lube: Pipestone or other online vet supply

Clean nitrile gloves-optional: pharmacy or online supply feed store

Lambing ropes-make your own: see Laura Lawson Book

Antimicrobial soap: grocery or pharmacy

Clean bucket for soapy water 

Soft small bulb syringe: Pharmacy in baby section, small rubber not with plastic tip

Hair dryer for warming cold lambs

Syringes and needles: feed store , online, PBS, etc. check your state regs

Penicillin: feed store or online

BO-SE: prescription

Lamb ear tags: Premier animal supply

Veterinarian’s phone number

Sheep mentor phone# 

Karo syrup or molasses for ewe in warm water: grocery or feed store.