Mother’s Day on the farm

Happy Mother’s Day. This is one of my very first sheep, she so loved her lambs. That picture was taken many years ago, but it always makes me of that special bond of moms and babies. All the lambs for 2018 are born and thriving, the youngest are now 10 days old. They are leaping and prancing and bounding about these days, but still snuggle up with mom. The oldest ones are feeling more and more independent, hanging out in their groups of age mates. The first 3 sets of twins were born two weeks before the rest. Those early lambs were the result of artificial insemination (VAI) with semen imported from Iceland. The next lambs were sired by our farm rams.

Shearing day will be on Wednesday this week. I will be posting pictures of the ewes in their freshly shorn loveliness. It will be time to start evaluating who may stay in my flock and who can move to another. The pictures of moms and lambs will be on the sale page soon, but the who is actually for sale has to wait for the lambs to be old enough to actually have enough growth to evaluate and the moms can be judged on their mothering skills, parasite issues and body condition. Most of our ewes lambing this year are first time moms.